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StoryScroll turns webpages & blog posts into scrolling videos for Instagram Stories and social media!

Why is this useful?

You can't post links on Instagram unless you're verified or have 10,000 followers. And even then, every link is a roadblock.

Writers, bloggers, and content marketers are at a disadvantage on social media, because these platforms prioritize video and advertisements.

StoryScroll turns your longform content into auto-scrolling videos. No clicks, no distracting sound, no friction. Just a clean, lean-back, and engaging experience.

Your videos will look great on Instagram and any social media that supports video.

How it works

1. Input a URL

2. Click Make Videos

3. Post!

Read the docs for complete instructions

Use it everywhere

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Yes, it's free

Download the app and make unlimited awesome videos all day, every day. Forever.

It gets better

Purchase a ‚≠źPremium Pass to unlock advanced features:

Add a Call to Action that tells viewers how to subscribe & where to find you online. You could even use this feature to insert an ad.

Remove unwanted HTML elements like navbars, footers, and comment widgets using CSS selectors.

Add your own watermarks

Here to help

I'm eager to get your feedback and make StoryScroll the best it can be. Email me any time at [email protected]