Hacker Career Advice

Don’t Misrepresent Yourself

Pro-tip: If you claim to be an expert at something on your résumé, you’d better be able to back it up in an interview.

Twice now, I’ve interviewed developers who, on paper, were GraphQL experts with contributions to fancy looking GraphQL projects on GitHub.

They talked a good game, but once I asked them a few questions about the advantages vs. a traditional RDBMS or to draw out a simple graph network - they totally biffed it.

It was clear their skills were far from what they had claimed. That’s game over in my book.

It’s 100% OK to reach and apply to jobs you might not be 100% qualified for / are outside your area of expertise. It’s not OK to misrepresent your capabilities or experience.

You don’t need to memorize Hello World for every language on your résumé, just keep in mind that everything on it is fair game for interviewers.