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Full-time Student, Part-time Job

School’s back in session, which means you’re juggling classes, clubs, and a rapidly approaching cuffing season. And unless you’ve got deep pockets or generous parents, you’re gonna need some money too.

Your full-time job is being a student, but a part-time gig is a no brainer.

Everyone at Devpost worked their way through school. We’ve washed dishes, TA’d classes, designed books, started a record label, shelved books at the library, and given campus tours.

For something more practical & related to your studies, ask your professors if they need help with their research. And don’t be afraid to look outside of CS / Engineering. Business, Economics, Chemistry, Biology, Art—I gaurantee there’s someone writing code in every building on campus.

Eager to get off campus? Reach out to local businesses and help them with their online presence and ecommerce. Could be the start of your freelance career.

BTW, if you’re interested in working for us part-time, on-campus, this fall & spring, we’re hiring campus reps at a bunch of schools. It’s a real, paying gig.

The challenge with any part-time job is balancing it with your course load and all the other balls you’ve got in the air.

Here are a few tips that helped us keep it together: