Hacker Career Advice

Be Flexible

A lot of developers rigidly bill themselves as a specific type of developer. As in “I’m a JavaScript developer” or “I’m a front-end dev” or “I’m full-stack X, Y, or Z.”

My advice is to be more flexible about your capabilities and new opportunities. Just because you learned Python in school doesen’t mean you should avoid Swift, Node, or Scala jobs. And even if your experience is mostly front-end, you could learn a lot about software development by delving into back-end or DevOps.

Languages, frameworks, and even job roles evolve. If you don’t evolve too, you’ll get left behind. Unlike medical school or law, the barriers to entry are pretty low for learning new dev tools and you can skill up pretty quickly.

Aspire to polyglotism: fluency in multiple languages / disciplines. Remember, most development concepts are transferrable. So, if you know how to write a for loop in Python or how OOP works in C++, it won’t take you long to figure it out in Java.

Bottomline: flexibility translates into more opportunities & increased earning potential.