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CEO Accessibility vs. Visibility

Last weekend, some guy caught a case of nerd rage over Google’s hamburger emoji. And less than 13 hours later, CEO Sundar Pichai promised to drop everything else and address it forthwith. How’s that for service?

Steve Jobs used to personally answer emails too, if you were brave enough to type [email protected] in the To: field.

But don’t get it twisted. These are external, customer facing examples of a CEO’s visibility. Don’t confuse that with accessibility within the company.

During your job search, think about how far your voice will reach up the pyramid. Will you be able to get time with decision makers? Will your boss and other managers make themselves available to you? Will you be heard? No hacker is an island and you will need access to succeed at your job.

If you see red flags during the interview process, you might want to consider a different company.