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Nobody Likes Writing Cover Letters

According to our last Student Hacker Report, cover letters aren’t very popular. Over 40% of students said writing them was their least favorite part of job hunting.

And we get it. Tech recruiters scan résumés for key words (PHP! Python! Swift! Full stack! Threejs!) because it’s more efficient than reading clunky tropes about how you’re a “fast learner” and “very passionate” about your work.

What can you do to get noticed?

1. Tailor your résumé for each job you apply to. Jobs, companies, and roles are all unique. Front-end != InfoSec != Embedded Systems, right? So tweak your bullet points, include relevant keywords, and play up your accomplishments based on what the job calls out.

2. Write a Minimum Viable Cover Letter: 2–4 sentences about why you want this job, why you’re interested in this company, and how you’d approach the role. It’s quick, helps your application stand out, and is a great way to prepare for interviews.