Hacker Career Advice


For any Wu-Tang fans out there, you’re probably familiar with C.R.E.A.M - or Cash Rules Everything Around Me. But in the business world, it’s capital, not cash, that really matters.

Capital refers to all of a businesses resources: physical, financial, and HUMAN. The difference is cash, office chairs, and servers don’t have feelings, needs, or things they’d rather be doing. You do!

Human capital is your most important asset and it’s very limited. If you’re not doing work you love. If you feel underpaid. If you feel like you’re not growing professionally. If you’d rather spend more time with your family—take control and apply your human capital somewhere else.

Maybe that’s a hackathon where you’ll learn something new, or a new job, pottery class, thrash metal band, or some QT in the garden.

Life is short. You gotta do you.